4 Ways to Sustain Your Weight Loss Over The Long Term

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Health Tips

If you are no stranger to losing weight, then you have likely run into a common enemy of those fighting the battle of the bulge. You probably know how to lose 10 or 20 pounds, and perhaps even 50 or a 100. But, how do you keep it off for good? If you are tired of yo-yo weight loss and know that crash diets are not a permanent answer, then you probably want to learn ways of sustaining your weight loss over the long term. Keep reading to learn 4 of them!


1) Change up your exercise routines or regimens seasonally. While there might be certain forms of exercise that you love to do, doing them repeatedly over time can start feeling boring, perhaps even like a prison. You hit a wall, feel sore, or get hurt, and you decide to start taking more rest days. The rationalizations and excuses pile up, and the next thing you know, you’re not working out at all or nowhere close to what you need for maintenance of a healthy weight level.

Change things up each new season to take advantage of what life has to offer at the time. Summer can mean swimming, and spring might bring walking and hiking through budding and blooming forests and gardens. Save the indoor gyms for late fall and winter when temperatures are cold and the nights are long.

2) Hire a personal trainer. It could be possible that you have adopted very healthy eating habits but your metabolism is not high enough on the other side of the equation. If your workouts have hit a wall and you’re not sure what to do next, get a fitness professional to start working with you once or twice a week. He or she can safely guide you into uncharted territory for new energy and effort.

3) Switch your diet up. Eating healthy is a lifetime commitment, but the same rotation of meals that got you thinner might not be sustainable for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there is no one perfect diet. If you lost weight adopting the Atkins approach, that’s great, but if you’re losing interest in it and craving other foods, try another healthy diet, like DASH or the Mediterranean diet. There are some affordable meal delivery plans out there, so do a quick search and you’ll find some good ones – Medifast and Nutrisystem are two that come to mind, or you can even try something like Blue Apron if you want a more gourmet approach.

4) Keep your favorite places to travel in mind, and put up a photo from each visit. Many weight loss stories come with before and after photos, but how often do you see sustainability photos? If you have a place you like to visit frequently, be it a beach, a mountaintop, or even a cruise line, get a full body picture taken there, and put it somewhere visible in your home. Envision looking at least that good the next time you go, if not better!

Sustaining your weight loss over the long term is a commitment that is in some ways harder than the initial weight loss. Use these 4 ways to keep your victory going!