4 Exercises To Replace Jogging

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Exercises 101

Jogging is one of the ways to stay fit and keep the good health and good looks. However, many people do not like this type of activity, and when they do go for a jog, they do it unwillingly. Fortunately, there are ways to stay fit and skip the jogging, by replacing it with other types of exercises. In this article, we bring you four exercises to replace jogging.

Advantages and disadvantages of jogging

Jogging definitely has lots of advantages and benefits for our body. It helps reduce weight and keep it on a healthy level. It improves the functions of heart and lungs, boosts the immune system and improves the overall health.

On the minus side, in some cases jogging can be harmful for the joints. If you are overweight or you had an injury of knees or ankles, jogging can do you more harm than benefit. Even if you are slim and perfectly healthy, you need to use running sneakers especially designed for jogging if you want to spare your joints.

Jump rope

Jump rope is something many of used played with when we were kids. Therefore, if you incorporate this type of training into your routine, you may recall the wonderful days of childhood. Other than evoking memories, jump rope is a great way to do cardio exercise and make it fun and dynamic. According to some research, it even burns two to three times more calories than jogging. It helps you lose weight, but also shapes both your lower and upper part of the body. Keep in mind, though, that you also need a good pair of sneakers so you do not put pressure on the joints.

Elliptical training machine

For those who cannot expose their joints to jogging, elliptical training is an ideal solution. It helps you burn calories just like jogging, but without the unnecessary pressure on knees and ankles.

If you use the handles for the upper body, it will help you strengthen the muscles of hands and abs, and increase the overall calorie burn.


Bicycle is another great solution for people who cannot put pressure on their joints or who simply do not enjoy jogging. You can substitute the treadmill at the gym with the stationary bike, and there are different opportunities. You can either use a sitting stationary bike and log some miles on it or join the spinning class for more intense workout and calorie burn.

If you have your own bicycle, that is even better. You can go outside and ride it through your local park or through the city. This can make the exercise routine a fun experience, where you will not feel bored by working out but still have lots of benefits.


Swimming and exercises in a pool

If you head to the pool, you can have cardio training that does not affect your joints, but does improve your health and looks. Swimming, running in water or water aerobics make you feel light as feather while working out, yet they help you burn calories.

What’s more, they do not damage the joints, they help your lungs and heart work better and also make your muscles and skin tighter.If you always make excuses and skip jogging, now is the time to change it. Pick one of the alternatives and head to the gym, swimming pool or even to a park nearby.